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New contacts are essential as a source of business for local traders, craftsmen, specialist advisors. Are you aware that research has shown that two thirds of people find that it is much more satisfactory to employ somebody, or to visit a local shop, based on a personal recommendation from someone who has used that service and found that it has been excellent. Everybody has read about - or heard firsthand from a friend - about poor service or, in the nightmare case, of ‘cowboy service’.

A glossy advertisement in a local magazine can give no guarantee to a reader about the quality of service offered and, when there are several advertisements in the magazine all offering a similar service, how does the reader choose? Advertisements in magazines are not cheap so, importantly, how do you - as a small businessman or trader- ensure that you get the call for a quote?

During the course of my experience - locally, nationally and internationally - I have built up an extensive contact list of people, traders, small businessmen, craftsmen and so on, who have worked for me and whom I would have no hesitation in recommending that anyone could engage with complete confidence that any work or service would be of the highest quality.

This site will generate business in 5 specific ways:-

Networking with my business contacts: The first will be networking with my business contacts generated from my day to day businesses. I am a ‘people’s’ person which means I speak and communicate with numerous business colleagues face to face on a regular basis. I would like to think that I am a very trustworthy business man.

Social Communication: The second method will be via my own social life. We have 4 children at 4 different schools (why? You may very well ask!) and this does mean that I am constantly networking at school or on or at the side of the hockey, cricket, football or rugby pitch.

B2B: The third will be business to business transactions between businesses on the site. By the time the site has been completed I trust that the businesses I have inputted on to the site will use it for themselves. The potential of all of these resources on this site is enormous.

B2C: The fourth will be business to consumer. B2C internet marketing has to be one of the most developed consumer marketing strategies. B2C dramatically changed the world of business. B2C is about creating a direct connection between the business and the consumer. This also allows the entrepreneurial business person to independently, with low set up costs, advertise and sell his products / services in a simple way.

SEM: The fifth will be by generating serious volumes of traffic to online businesses by Search Engine Marketing. This is a very successful and recognised method.Search Engine Marketing is just one of the ways used to increase the traffic to MC’s website.There are so many different businesses within so many different categories on this site – the Search Engine Marketing will prove invaluable to every individual business. For a fraction of usual cost SEM will reach a huge audience and will potentially produce / increase revenues for their businesses.